The Benefits Of Swimming Lessons

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There are many advantages for anyone who learns how to swim. A lot of which are known such as learning how to swim by taking swimming lessons for the fun of it or learning to swim for the competition aspect. But it can also save a person’s life should they ever be in a dangerous water situation be it the swimmer or another person’.

Swimming has many other benefits such as the health benefit, the competition benefit, and the overall well being benefit. 


One of the best things about swimming that perhaps no other sport can compare is that learning to swim or taking swimming lessons can be done at any age. At MGR Swim Sports here in San Antonio, TX we have toddlers from as young as 6 months begin their swimming journey with us. We also have amazing adult and senior swimmers who swim well into their 80’s. 

Swimming is a top choice of exercise for older people as lifting weights or even jogging puts a lot of stress on an older persons’ joints, swimming alleviates the stress on the joints but still gives the same cardiovascular workout. 

 Traditional weights may also be too heavy for a child or an older person of 80. Swimming requires no weights and puts the entire body in motion and is perhaps the best physical and mental exercise anyone can do for fun and health. 

Health Benefits 

Apart from being fun swimming provides incredible health benefits for everyone at any age. As stated above It is a great way to stay in shape and it is a skill that lasts a lifetime. 

Swimming increases the heart rate but unlike other sports such as tennis or basketball the impact of the pavement or hard floor is a non-factor as the buoyancy of the water is easy on the joints and muscles but it still provides enough resistance for the body to get a full work out to get stronger and build muscle.

Being in the water is also a great way to relax the mind as well as the body. The ripples and sound of the water can put one in a relaxed state of mind for any length of time. If you learn to back float this can be even more relaxing as you can train yourself or your child to float in the water and relax if you so choose.  (check out the article on how to back float by our swimming instructor)


The togetherness that a pool can bring to a family is sometimes overlooked. Not only is a pool and swimming great for family gatherings and cookouts but if your child takes swimming lessons you can watch as they evolve from a novice swimmer to a top-level swimmer in a short amount of time.  

Swimming creates memories for the family and is an all-around good time. 


Competitive swimming as a sport is a world on its own. From training for a swim meet at the local, state or college level swimming competitively has its own advantages rather than just the health factor. For any child at any age, competition is good for the psyche of a child as competition will train the child to do better if they want to reach their goals or win 1st place in any arena.

Competitive swimming is also a team sport where children can meet more friends and have more fun. Not only is this great for their social skills, but it can also provide some great opportunities for the child’s future like a scholarship to a university to compete at a collegiate level like many of our instructors. 


Swimming is perhaps the only exercise that allows for a full body workout without the need for weights or long distance runs or sprints that are heavy on the feet and joints in the body. 

It strengthens the core and can help burn a lot of calories. As you begin to learn more strokes like the butterfly, breast, and backstroke you will begin to work different parts of the body which are not often worked out giving you a fuller body workout. 

Swimming also helps to breath better. As the lungs expand and you hold your breath underwater, you will be able to inhale and exhale in a much healthier way providing a bigger flow of oxygen to your mind and body.  

Another great benefit of swimming that many may not be aware of is the clarity of mind and calm that is associated with swimming. Some credit swimming to have some of the same meditative qualities of yoga or mediation. 

Swimming also enhances performance output should you or your child already be training and playing sports. The exercise in swimming allows for greater stamina and endurance in other activities as you won’t be out of breath so easily and your muscles won’t be so tense all the time.

Also for young people, this may not seem like a big deal but for many adults climbing up a fleet of stairs in a home or building can really take them out of breath. Swimming lessons can help ease the shortness of breath in individuals and create a better overall lifestyle as you won’t be short on breath and your vitality throughout the day will drastically improve. 


As “drowning is a leading cause of injury-related death in children, especially those younger than 4 and teens” ( it is no wonder why one of the most important aspects of learning to swim or taking swimming lessons is the water safety issue. 

Whatever the body of water, be it a swimming pool, lake, or ocean knowing how to swim is important for everyone if you or your child are ever around any body of water. 

Knowing how to swim can help a person survive should they ever find themselves in a water compromising situation. Not only is it great for oneself but it can also lead to saving a persons life should another not know how to swim. 

There are enormous reasons why learning how to swim is such a crucial part of everyone’s life. The benefits are great and the payoff is even greater. Learning to swim is like learning how to ride a bike once you learn the proper way to swim you will know it for life. 

If interested in taking swimming lessons for either you or your child our certified instructors here at MGR SWIM SPORTS will be happy to speak with you. We are a family owned and operated company proudly serving San Antonio, TX

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