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When a job doesn’t feel like a job and every day you have a chance to make a difference in the lives of young swimmers.

What is an MGRSS Professional Instructor?

Our idea of a professional instructor is someone who is highly trained, demonstrates the character of a leader and believes winning comes in the form of student success. 

How do we help in your development?

MGRSS traces its roots back 20 years and has an established curriculum and training program for new instructors.  Basically, we train the trainers! We modify our training program for new instructors with different swim backgrounds to fill in the gaps and make sure they have all the skills needed to perform at the highest level.  After completing our extensive training program and becoming a certified MGR Instructor we continue to work on your growth and development as an instructor through weekly coaching from the program Director and regular team training sessions. 

What makes MGRSS different?

We are a small privately owned business run by an owner with 15+ years of leadership experience in the corporate and small business world.  That means you are part of a family environment but with structure and a professional atmosphere with clear goals and expectations.

What is the job?

Our instructors work 2 to 4 days per week in the afternoons and Saturday mornings.  They teach in 4 to 5 hour blocks of time. Classes are back to back and instructors get a break in the middle of their scheduled day.   Our staff teaches classes that are mostly 4 to 1 student to instructor ratios. We also teach private lessons, semi private lessons and a special course for off season swim teamers.  Instructors are expected to teach only our curriculum and methods. We provide daily class/level curriculum breakdowns for instructors to follow and a weekly call with management prepares staff for the next week’s classes.

In the water, our number one expectation is that instructors keep swimmers safe at all times.  A close second is helping our swimmers improve daily as they work to achieve their swim goals. This is accomplished by building trust and being a leader for our young swimmers.

Outside the water, our instructors are expected to build relationships with parents to support a team approach to help students succeed.  Instructors keep notes on our students progress and make regular calls to parents with progress updates throughout the sessions.  

From a production perspective, our instructors are expected to drive results with their students swimming skills and to aid the program in registration growth with strong retention numbers from session to session. 

Who is a great fit for a Professional Swim Instructor role?

We’ve had great instructors from a wide range of backgrounds.  There are a few things they all had in common…

  • They loved being in the water.
  • They love working with children.
  • They take pride in ANYTHING they do.
  • They are great role models 100% of the time.

We look for strong communication skills, strong character, a desire to make a difference in the lives of those they work with, are great team players and want to continue to grow as individuals both personally and professionally.

Strong swimming skills are a huge plus but for the right applicants we will take time to do additional swim training to get them ready for the job.

We don’t require previous swim instruction certifications, but we do require our instructors to be current with First aide and CPR.  Additionally, previous experience in American Red Cross Learn to Swim Programs is helpful as a foundation of knowledge.

This is a very physical job and instructors are required to maintain a high level of physical fitness.  We ask instructors to be able to perform the same activities of their best swimmers in upper level classes.  We understand not everyone is in tip-top shape immediately, but we do expect them to take personal time to improve their physical endurance while in the role of a Professional Instructor.

The Benefits of Being An MGRSS Instructor

  • Year Round Employment
  • Competitive Pay with Session Bonuses
  • Clearly Defined Promotion Opportunities
  • After 60 Days Part Time and Full Time Employees are Eligible for Health, Dental and Vision Insurance
  • All Employees are Eligible for a Gold’s Gym Membership at a Special Rate With No Sign-up Fees
  • Consistent Schedules

MGRSS Instructor Testimonials

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