Nine ways to keep children safe this Halloween

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Halloween is a magical time where children and adults have a night to be whoever they want to be. From the scariest witches to the bravest superheroes, characters from all movies and books go home to home asking for delicious treats. It is a time for family fun, however, it is also a time to be safe, the same way we take precautions at the pool to ensure everyone has a good time. 

Again, the same way we ensure safety at the pool it is important to keep an eye on the children at all times. We also recommend they have the proper attire and that parents are familiar with the surroundings. Let’s explore in detail nine ways to have a fun and safe Halloween night. 

  1. Use face paint instead of masks to ensure nothing impairs the children’s vision.
  2.  Make sure the materials of the costume are fire safe.
  3.  Use bright colors, reflective tape, or glow sticks to ensure kids can be easily spotted 
  4. Stay in the well-lit areas 
  5. Go out earlier to have more daylight
  6.  Always cross the street at corners, using traffic signals and crosswalks. 
  7.  Bring flashlights
  8.  Make costumes close-fitting to prevent trip and fall accidents. 
  9. Check the candy for allergens and other potential hazards 

Now that we have explored the ways that we can keep our children safe this Halloween, we can relax and enjoy some of those treats. To prepare for the next season, pool season, kids should be able to swim. If you need a swimming school, call MGR Swim Sports to learn your options.

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