certified swimming instructor

Meet Marcy

Site Director

Marcy manages all of our aquatic locations. She is responsible for ensuring our instructors are prepared and focused to give swimmers the best experience possible. She still teaches some when time allows but her main focus is ensuring our families have a great experience. Marcy is ready to help with your registration needs, questions about the program and servicing needs as a current swim fam.

About me

Swim Background

  • Like most kids, I had swim lessons and participated in swim team competitively.  I loved that experience and it has always stuck with me.  I love coaching and working with kids and swimming was a natural fit.  I was a 4 year collegiate athlete at St. Mary’s University and that drive, passion, and grit it takes to be successful at any sport.  The work ethic is the same for any sport. Working with children has been a big part of my life because they teach me just as much as I teach them. My classroom in the water is not just coach to swimmer to parent. All three components are apart of a team striving towards the same goal: becoming the best people and swimmer we can be!

Teaching/Work Experience

  • Site Manager for MGR
  • 8 years coaching kids in different sports including volleyball, softball, and swimming.

Interesting Fact

  • My interesting fact is that I know how to juggle with 3 objects! And I have a puppy named Nola! She is a very friendly pup and loves children. Ask me to show you a picture when you get to class!

Why I love MGR

  • I love working at MGR because I get to see children who overcome their own personal challenges everyday. Children will come to us with either a fear of the water, or not knowing how to float on their back, or as simple as not knowing how to blowing bubbles. The time we put into our kids pay off because by the end of it they are doing everything they thought they never could before! Being able to witness their excitement over the growth and progress they accomplished will always be the highlight of this job. They are the ones putting in the hard work we are just witnesses to it all.