Meet Kayse

Professional Swim Instructor

About me

Swim Background

 I began competitive swimming at the age of 8 and swam on numerous club teams including Alamo Heights Pool Sharks, San Antonio Wave, and Streamline Aquatics. Upon entering high school at Alamo Heights I competed in varsity swimming and water polo, and became water polo captain my Junior and Senior year.

 Teaching Experience 

 From ages 13-15 I volunteered at a special needs camp, Animal Botanical. This camp taught me valuable lessons on patience, understanding, and different teaching methods. My high school summers were spent teaching children to swim at my local community pool pro bono, and I fell in love with it. I have been an instructor with MGR Swim Sports since Fall of 2019.


Fun Facts

Being that I, myself, am a mother, I find it easy to connect with children. I bring a professional combination of caring, silliness, and motivation.


Why do you like working at MGR?

To me, the most rewarding part of coaching is seeing a swimmer grow out of their fears and push past their own limits.