Meet Brian

Professional Swim Instructor

About me

Swim Background

I was enrolled in swim lessons as a child and from there I had gained my confidence and love for swimming. Unfortunately, the school I attended didn’t offer competitive swimming, so I only swam recreationally at local pools, rivers, lakes and beaches for most of my life. Later on I worked as a lifeguard at Aquatica and felt it had rejuvenated my passion for swimming.

Teaching Experience 

For two years I taught lifeguarding courses and conducted swim tests at Aquatica. I have been coaching for MGR Swim Sports since November 2019. I also have coached volleyball, basketball, and tennis through the Skyhawks Sports Academy.

Fun Facts

I was born in California and have been living in San Antonio since 2014 and love it here! I’m a proud owner of two Maltese dogs (Benji & Brooke) and one Siamese cat (Summer). In high school I played football, baseball and played soccer through my town’s league.

Why do you like working at MGR?

Getting the opportunity to coach kids swimming is exciting because I get to be a positive influence in their lives as my past coaches were in mine. I still remember my experience of swim lessons as a child and how beneficial it was to me and would love to pass that down to the next generation of kids.