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5 Tips for Safe Swimming this Summer

1. Learn to Swim

It’s not full proof but learning to swim and developing a respect for the water should always be at the top of the safety to do list. (Shameless swim program plug…We can help with this one!)

2. Never Swim Alone

Swimming is always more fun with friends and family…it’s also much safer! No matter the age or ability of the swimmer – none should swim solo. Accidents and injuries happen to even the best swimmers. Always keep an eye on your kids (even those swim teamers) especially if there is no life guard on duty.

3. Know Your Swim Environment

Most Texas swimming holes and beaches aren’t crystal clear like the neighborhood pool. Trees, rocks and debris fill our rives, lakes and beaches. Take a good look before entering these waters for possible dangers. When in doubt – stay the heck out!

4. Beware of the Sun…It’s hot!

No kidding, the sun is great for swimming days but its also one of its biggest dangers. Dehydration can sneak up on you when swimming. Your body feels cool in the water but you are still sweating and need hydration. Heat exhaustion is no joke and neither are serious sun burns. Respect that big ball of fire in the sky – Apply sunscreen, take breaks and drink lots of fluids. Your body will thank you for it!

5. Be Prepared

A little planning can make a big difference in keeping everyone safe. Do some research on your aquatic destination. Pack water, first aid supplies and life jackets. As a family, talk about any dangers you might encounter and what to do in emergencies.
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